As you find yourself here, it is safe to presume that you are already familiar with what WordPress is. In any case, to start with; WordPress is a CMS (content management system) platform that is open source and hence serves as a highly customizable base for building websites on. 

Getting Started 

If you’re looking forward to installing a WordPress theme, there are a couple of things that must be taken into consideration. 

WordPress themes are numerous in quantities and types vary a lot. Some themes are free and some are paid. You can make one yourself with due effort, but that’s another matter altogether. The modes and methods of activating and applying the themes also vary greatly. This gives the user an open field when it comes to choosing the right themes for their use. 

The themes are fairly easy to install. The process that accumulates up to that point of formally installing the theme. This requires the user to be proactive so that the whole process get done in harmony. The main source for WordPress themes is the WordPress Directory/Repository. It offers a wide variety of free to use plugins and themes to enhance the overall functionality of the user’s WordPress website. Currently the repository hosts about 7,500 themes. WordPress themes can also be found in numerous other platforms that offer HTML templates to be made to a theme, some for free and others for a price tag. ThemeFrost is just one among many other templates & themes websites that offers tens of thousands of themes for WordPress and other

Adding Themes from WordPress Repository 

This method is pretty straightforward and the simplest to go for. For this you will have to: 

1. Login to your WordPress site admin page. Once inside, click the tab titled Appearance which will open the Themes section. 

2. In this section you will see all the themes that are already installed in your program. To change the existing theme, simply select the one that you want to add from the preexisting list. If no theme has been added thus far. You will have to proceed to the next step. 

3. Adding themes can be done in 2 ways. First, you can use the search option which yields search results from theme directory. Secondly, you may upload an already downloaded theme from any third part, or the one you’ve made yourself, from the hard drive from the corresponding folder. 

Installing themes from the WordPress theme Repository 

As said earlier in this guide, the easiest and the simplest way to install a theme to your WordPress website is to install one which the WordPress offers from their official theme directory. If the theme is listed in the official theme repository, and once you’ve logged in; 

1. Navigate to the official theme directory. Here you will find the many themes the repository offers. You may to your benefit use the search tab and search the theme you are looking for using keywords or tags. For example, if you want to add and install a theme that involves sunrise , search using the tag ‘sunrise’ as a keyword to find all the themes which in their description has the details matching ‘sunrise’. You can also find a particular theme you’re looking for by typing the whole title of the theme itself. 

2. Once you’ve selected the themes of your choice, hover your mouse cursor over that theme you’ve selected to view it’s demo. This provides the user the advantage of viewing what a theme would look like in advance without having to install it. Click the ‘Install’ button once you’ve decided on the theme to install it. Leave the rest of the work to the WordPress application which will automatically l download and install the theme. 

3. Once installed, simply click on the button labeled ‘Activate’ to formally apply the theme in full. 

Now, you can see and enjoy the new theme working its charm on your WordPress site. 

Uploading and applying a 3rd Party Theme 

The third-party, in this case, implies those themes excluding those that you have made yourself or those that you can find on the WordPress theme repository. 

If a required theme cannot be found in directory, and neither can you design one by yourself and for yourself or others to use, you can access the required themes from many of the third-party sources that can easily be found via quick google search. Some of these themes are paid themes while others are free. 

If you partake in this course of action, you must make sure that the source of the theme is reliable and the theme file which is often a .zip file is free from viruses. This leads us to give you an example of downloading themes from 3rd party source, called ThemeForest. 

How To Download Theme From ThemeForest 

The following is just a quick mini-guide, within a guide that provides a preface to downloading themes from a third-party source, for example Template Monster. 

  • Sign Up to Template Monster Account. 
  • Login to  Template Monster  account 
  • Go to the appropriate  Template Monster Downloads section 
  • Locate and buy the theme of your choice. Click on the download button next. 
  • The proceed to the file type and be sure to press on the files section that contains the  ‘Installable WordPress File Only’ heading. 

Once you’ve downloaded the theme files; these theme files often come in compressed .zip format, you need to do the following: 

1. Go to the Themes section (under the Appearance menu tab) as previously explained.  Click on the ‘Upload Theme’ button at the top of the page. 

2. Then, click  on the Browse button, and navigate to the folder which contains the theme’s files. And click on the Install button. 

3. In just a few moments, WordPress will not only upload but also extract the compressed .zip archive. Once this is completed, you can simply click on the Activate button to formally apply the theme. 

This Concludes this guide with the hope that the reader finds it useful in their venture to install a WordPress theme.  


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